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Marshall Fridge
The Marshall Fridge Team here with an update on shipping….

We’ve been working hard over the summer to deliver the Marshall Fridge but despite this, there will be a delay.
Turns out, bringing you the Coolest Icon in Music is taking longer than we expected. As a result, we are pushing back our delivery to early 2013 and will provide more details as soon as they become available.

Stay tuned for updates.



ということで、年越しです。発表された時点では、10月1日に発売というふうになっておりましたけれど… 特に、先週こんな風に書いて気をもたせていたので余計にガックリ感が上昇してしまっております。

Hey Marshall Fans,… | Facebook

Hey Marshall Fans, we hear you.
Please check back next week for an update on shipping.
Stay cold.


しかしメーカーサイトの左のメニューにある「Already Purchased?」をクリックして出てくる文面の意味はなんだろう?

Marshall Fridge | The coolest icon in music just got cooler.


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